Tuesday, March 30, 2010

imagine the following colors. grays, greens, browns, beige, black and white.
no image the scene or the object. a duck? a dress? a living room? a city street?
an abstract painting might be the best bet here. But i'm talking about the view out of my window on a rainy spring day. and to my own surprise I can not see one spot or sparkle of yellow or red or blue. amazing. I had always believed that if one looks carefully enough every color could be seen, but maybe this is just wishful thinking or yet another illusion. Maybe the camera, who is currently living in another dimension, would have been able to spot a hint of yellow. maybe.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

I cannot find my camera. i looked in every drawer, ever handbag and under every couche. I checked my coats and the car. I went through every room in the house. nothing. it's very upsetting. without camera, no images. without images no blog entry. This thing must be somewhere around here in another parallel universe. it' s probably sitting right next to me and is just not willing to be seen yet - or my system is filtering it out. who knows how reality is checked by our own brains? maybe we tune in and out of various dimensions, without being aware of it or even having an understanding of it? very well possible. i can 'see' the camera right next to my laptop if i could only touch it too. I need to find it. the absence of this object drives me crazy.

Friday, March 26, 2010

the first signs of spring can be found everywhere. the grass is beginning to turn green, the bushes have their first buds and some flowers are actually trying to make their way above ground. just an hour south of here daffodils and snowdrops are already blooming. the grey clouds and the cold winds are a reality too. snow flurries are predicted for later in the day. - a tree can never walk away. -

Sunday, March 21, 2010

what was the cat thinking? what does the expression on her face reveal? would she turn around and walk downstairs again if the right word, smell or sound came along? or is her mind set, regardless of all of the above? are we like cats? Could anything be a tricker and consequently we would abandon our original plan?
Sometimes i wonder what is on my mind and what it takes to stay focused.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

....excuses are numberless. i need to put an end to them!
one of my new vows, which i should recite daily. I suppose.
the last entry on this blog as six days ago, and why so? because
i don't have an image to upload and the entire idea of the daily happiness is the combination of word and image.
My digital camera is working and it's a bit pathetic to say, that i don't find time to go out and photograph. how much time does it really take? But in my mind i don't even go there, i stop at the thought, which notes that i don't have an image to upload.
Consequently days go by and no entry will be written, instead I built successfully a guilt conscious.
.....the mind is boundless, i need to master it

Sunday, March 7, 2010

it's Sunday morning, the sun is shining and the weather forecast looks promising. I have already spotted the first sprouts in my flower beds and it puts a huge smile on my face. I cannot wait for spring to arrive. As a matter of fact i can wait very well, because there is no choice at all here. When were the tulips blooming last year? Easter is also 'around the corner' - 'the corner of time'? that is an interesting thought. time squared. blue skies.

Friday, March 5, 2010

More often then not my mind picks a subject and then holds on to the chosen theme by repeating a few thoughts/sentences time and again. it is sheer impossible to stop my mind, even when I become aware of this 'auto-pilot' setting. The mind seems to have a life on its own, independent from 'myself'. These repetitive thoughts are most of the time negative. Either 'it' (='I') regrets something i did or didn't do in the past, or 'it' rolls out the 'dark' future. It seems like 'I' have no control over the subject matter nor the length of this mental noise. I can feel how 'this' wears me down, eats up my energy and leaves me feeling hopeless and empty. I try to argue against the statements but its a fruitless debate. 'my' mind is very convincing and makes 'itself' sound like the ultimate truth. - the most amazing part is, that 'my mind' seems to have an endless repertoire of topics. sometimes some topics will fall out of 'fashion' but they are instantly replaced by new ones. - I truly wonder what it takes to either stop this 'auto-pilot' behavior of my mind or - at least - to change the topics from negative to positive ones.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

'there is comfort in a routine'. is there? or is routine just a way to avoid thinking outside the box?
or is routine a way to master the daily tasks?
is discipline required for a routine?
if so would it be right to say 'there is comfort in discipline'?
discipline as a structure of time, something to hold on to, while the emotions are on a roller coaster ride.
is discipline in conjunction with repetitiveness?
so repetitiveness comforts the soul if it is a freely chosen repetitiveness? yet again, don't we need discipline to go through a routine, because in times we might not like "the doing" at all?
which elements of a routine can be changed?
if at all? and are routines boring - or not?